Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today , April 5th, the plan consisted on a sailing trip around the island and the rest of the time was manageable by us students. We went to the beach in the morning and had breakfast at Starbucks. We also had time for shopping Waikiki beach was awesome at 7 am and the sailing trip was even better! It was a gorgeous day and it was hard to resist the water and not jump down from the boat! After the trip we had lunch on a restaurant and then we got a lot of free time, almost four hours. Some of us decided to rent a surf board or take a surf lesson with instructors. I had a two hours lesson and it was so sick, totally worth it! We met again with the group at 8ish and until 10:30 we had free time again to hang out in the streets of Honolulu. Night life in Hawaii is not less than exciting than day time!!! Not a bad day at all :))

Irene , Italy

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