Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Friday April 3rd.

After a good nights sleep (and a little bit of jet lag), we all got up and got ready for a new exciting day with breakfast, free time, hiking and some beach time. We got to meet and introduce each other a little bit better this morning at out little conference. It's safe to say, that in our group there're never really a dull or quiet moment and it is so nice to get to know everybody!

We took a bus together to go hiking at Diamond Head. after a delicious breakfast a couple of blocks away from the hotel. The hike was amazing. Standing at the top with one of the best views I've ever seen is unbelievable. Looking around at everybody who's taking in the view, smiling for pictures and having fun is what makes these experiences so much fun. Many different flags was flying in the air for pictures, many memories are kept in those pictures. Pictures we can look back at years from now. It was very hot and pretty much all of us were sweating a lot. But it was totally worth it! The beach was amazing also. We played soccer, volleyball and frisbee at Waykiki beach. We ate dinner and swam also, it was amazing. Hawaii really is like paradise on earth and you realize that only after spending one day here. I think, I speak for the rest of us, when I say, that the next couples of days are going to be amazing also!=

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